Ball valve parts

Ball valve parts according to your specifications 

Our extensive machinery is equipped with all the right tools for every solution. We produce ball valve parts according to your specifications. This can easily be done on the basis of a drawing or model. The table below provides an overview of the ball valve parts that we produce to measure.

Back up ring / ring support
Ball support disc
Body gasket
Body seal
Bonnet gasket
Chevron set (v-ring set)
End cap
Gland packing

Gland spacer
FFKM o-ring
Rear seal
Seat assembly
Seat / front seal / seat insert
Seat retainer / seat holder
Spiral wound gasket
Stem bearing

Stem bushing
Stem packing
Stem seal
Stem thrust bearing
Thrust washer
Trunnion bearing

Ball valve parts

Ball valve seat assy

Our seat assembly always consists of multiple parts in different materials. Thanks to our years of experience, also of shrinkage and expansion of the different materials, fitting different parts into a seat assembly has become one of our specialties. Often metals are combined with graphite (hard or soft) and plastics. A seat assy is assembled in the following way:

  • Ball valve seat (front seal / retainer)
  • Ball valve retainer (zittinghouder)
  • Ball valve seal (rear seal)
  • Possible addition: o-ring or backup ring

Machining plastics or carbon graphite are very different specialisms than machining metals. Every plastic or graphite behaves differently under external factors. We machine all parts of the seat assy in-house. In our machine shop, we have specialists for turning metals, carbon graphite and plastics.

Ball valve parts

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