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Ball valve seat assy: The summit of custom-made

Ball valve seat assy: The summit of custom-made

The summit of a custom-made product is our ball valve seat assembly. We compile this seat assy of multiple parts of different materials. Often metals are combined with graphite (hard or soft) and plastics.

That requires a lot of knowledge, experience and precision. And Ridderflex has it all in-house. We have been a specialist in producing seat assy’s for the valve industry for almost 30 years. For that reason we have many major players in this industry as customers.

Seat Assy PTFE

The ball valve seat assembly

Our seat assy’s are used in the marine, offshore, oil and gas and chemical industries, as well as in transport and transshipment (specially for liquid transport and LNG transport).

The seat assembly always consists of different parts and is assembled in the following way:

Ball valve seat (Front seal) PTFE, PTFE glass, PEEK, PCTFE, carbon graphite
Ball valve retainer Metals like stainless steel, titanium, nickel aluminium
Ball valve seal (Real seal) PTFE, PTFE glass, PCTFE, PEEK or moulded graphite of both commercial and nuclear grades (99.85% pure)
Possible addition: 0-ring or backup ring FFKM, FPM/FKM, Devlon, PCTFE


Custom-made ball valve seat assy's

We machine all parts of the seat assy in-house. We have extensive machinery, equipped with all the right tools for every solution. In our machine shop, we have specialists for turning metals, carbon graphite and plastics. Machining plastics or carbon graphite are very different specialisms than machining metals. Every plastic or graphite behaves differently under external factors such as temperature and humidity. We guarantee a high level of accuracy in all turning and milling. Depending on the material, we can work to tolerances up to 0.05 mm.

Ball valve seat assy

The ball valve seat (front seal), retainer and ball valve seal (rear seal) are ultimately assembled to form one product: the seat assy. Thanks to our years of experience, also of shrinkage and expansion of the different materials, fitting all these loose parts into a seat assembly has become one of our specialties.

Also custom-made loose ball valve parts

Ofcourse we can also machine loose custom-made ball valve seats and ball valve seals. We supply amongst others:

You can find a complete overview of all the parts that we machine for the valve industry on the valve parts page.