Rubber lining

Vulcanisation of rubber (bonding)

Ridderflex has the knowledge and equipment to vulcanise rubber. Under the right temperature and pressure the molecules of the material are connected to each other. This creates a strong bond between rubber and steel. In other words: a strong rubber lining.

Our rubber lining in practice

Ridderflex regularly covers large parts of steel constructions for its customers with rubber. Some examples are:

  • Buoyancy and riser clamps: these steel clamps are part of a construction that eases the handling of pipes under water during work and repairs. Our lining reduces friction and protects the pipe when the clamps are being attached.
  • Riser pipes: Ridderflex’s lining ensures that riser pipes of a.o offshore platforms are more wear-resistant.
Rubber lining

Advice on choice of material

We can cover steel parts in almost any desired rubber grade. However, the choice of the right lining material depends on the application. And also on the resistance to oils, chemicals and high or low temperatures. Ridderflex is happy to advise you on the right material. We virtually have all rubber grades, such as EPDM, NBR and Neoprene, in stock.

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