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Ridderflex riser pipe lining in self-sustaining NAM platform

Ridderflex riser pipe lining in self-sustaining NAM platform

HSM Offshore B.V. currently works on the fabrication of the NAM L13-F1 Monotower Wellhead Platform: a state of the art self-sustaining offshore platform. This gas platform will be located 60 kilometers from the coast of Den Helder. It will be operational next year. Ridderflex covered the inner surface (inner diameter) of multiple riser pipes with neoprene rubber.

Platform of NAM runs on solar and wind

Gas fields in the North Sea are becoming more and more important for the NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij). Their new platform (now being built in Schiedam) works so efficient, that small gas fields at sea can be exploited profitable. The secret: it’s all about wind and solar energy. Solar panels and windmills are placed on top of the platform. These already provide more than enough power to run the installation. The surplus electricity is stored in batteries, in case the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

Ridderflex covers with rubber and polyurethane

Ridderflex’s neoprene rubber lining ensures that the riser pipes of this offshore platform are wear-resistant. Are you searching for wear-resistant structural components, steel sheets and pipe sections? Then you’ve come to the right address. We can cover your product with rubber or polyurethane.

The choice for the right lining material depends on the required hardness and wear resistance. But also resistance to oils, chemicals and wear-resistance are important factors. We are happy to advise you.