Flange insulation kit

Properties of flange insulation kits 

The flange insulation set is mainly applied in pipeline systems (water, oil, gas and solids), where it prevents cathodic or galvanic corrosion of flanges or pipes. Flange insulation sets have the following properties:

Materials of the kit 

The flange-insulation set is composed of packing rings, washers, and sleeves of an insulating material.

Gasket rings Neoprene-faced phenolic
Washers Reinforced phenolic or plated mild steel
Insulating sleeve Polyester


The flange insulation set has to be mounted at strategic points.

Flange insulation kit

Flange insulation kit types 

Ridderflex supplies different types of flange insulation kits according to DIN and ANSI sizes:

Type D Type D is intended for the standard ring type joint flanges. The section of the seals can have an oval shape.
Type E This set has flat gaskets for full face flanges (with bolt holes).
Type F This set has flat gaskets for raised face flanges (without bolt holes). Type F is not as efficient as type E, but it has the advantage that it can be mounted without disassembling the entire flange.

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