Rubber buffers (rubber bumpers)

Rubber buffer stops

A buffer stop is constructed from a cylindrical rubber element vulcanised on a round or square steel plate. A buffer stop absorbs energy and reduces the transmitted impacts. This buffer is used where damping of moving parts of machines is required. If one buffer stop is not sufficient, a damper can be mounted on the moving part and a damper can be mounted on the static part. This increases the damping.

Ridderflex supplies buffer stops according to standard sizes in different rubber grades. We also manufacture custom-made buffer stops in polyurethane

Rubber metal buffers

A rubber metal buffer is a vibration damper with an external thread on one side. This metal buffer is used under movable machines and devices to prevent damage from impact.

Ridderflex supplies rubber buffers according to standard sizes in different rubber grades. 

Rubber buffers (rubber bumpers)

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