Elastomeric bearing (rubber damper)

Properties of elastomeric bearings 

Our elastomeric bearings are manufactured from a high quality natural rubber and galvanized metal parts and have the following properties:

  • Long service life;
  • Temperature range of -40 ° C to + 50 ° C (short-term + 70 ° C);
  • Excellent ozone and UV resistance;
  • Excellent resistance to aging and
  • Pressure levelling properties.
Elastomeric bearing (rubber damper)

Custom-made alternative: polyurethane bearings

Our polyurethane bearing pad is an excellent alternative for all standard rubber dampers on the market. We can produce polyurethane bearing pads in different hardnesses and colours. Moreover, combining hardnesses into a single bearing is possible. In other words: multiple layers in several hardnesses Shore A and / or Shore D. A combination of materials can provide the required compression, pressure levelling and possibly lubrication.

Ridderflex tunes the product to match your needs. Moreover, we have the facilities in-house to test the bearing pads extensively. 

Elastomeric bearing (rubber damper)

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