Polyurethane sheet and rod 65/90 Shore A

Polyurethane properties

PU 65/90 Shore A sheet and rod have a very good wear resistance, tear resistance and a good compressive strength. It also has a high resilience. The material is also resistant to mineral oils, gasoline, greases and various solvents. The benefit of polyurethane, compared to other plastics, is that the material does not get fragile at low temperatures.

PU 65 Shore A is a softer material than PU 90 Shore A. The standard polyurethane properties of the material are similar.

Polyurethane sheet and rod 65/90 Shore A

Polyurethane sheet and rod products

The standard colour of PU sheet and rod 65/90 Shore A is ochre yellow. We supply the following products:

Sheet / Wear sheet
Strip / Wear strip


We can mould other colours, hardnesses and products of polyurethane on your request.

Polyurethane sheet 65/90 Shore A is often applied as wear plate or strip. But our own product Polargard® is easier to mound. This product is available in different hardnesses.

Polyurethane sheet and rod 65/90 Shore A

Products according to your specifications

We can produce parts or seals made of polyurethane sheet and rod 65/90 Shore A according to your specifications. This can be based on a drawing or model. Are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact our Sales department!

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We excel in the production of custom-made plastic, rubber and polyurethane products.

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