PTFE sealant / Teflon ® sealant

Properties of PTFE sealant

PTFE joint sealant tape has the unique material properties of PTFE virgin (Teflon®):

  • It has an excellent chemical resistance;
  • It is aging resistant;
  • It is UV and weather resistant;
  • It has a wide temperature range;
  • It is physiologically inert and may be used in direct contact with food (FDA) and
  • It complies to the guidelines of regulation (EG) 1935/2004.

Applications of PTFE sealant

In mounted condition, Teflon ® sealant has a very good adaptive capacity and seals well at a wide range of pressures. The PTFE joint sealant tape is also the perfect solution in applications where a high-chemical resistance is required. The product is applied in nearly the entire industry, for example in:

  • Containers
  • Exhaust systems
  • Flanges
  • Food industry
  • Machinery and installations
  • Manhole covers
  • Medical industry
  • Mining industry
  • Paper industry
  • (Petro) chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Piping systems
  • Pumps
  • Sight glasses
  • Tank construProducts of PTFE sealant
    We supply the following products out of PTFE joint sealant tape:
  • Turbines (wind)
  • Ventilation systems
PTFE sealant / Teflon ® sealant

Products of PTFE sealant

We supply the following products out of PTFE joint sealant tape:

Self-adhesive sealant On rol 
 Non-adhesive sealant On rol
Manhole gasket (steam resistant)

Mounting of the PTFE joint sealant tape

The PTFE sealant (and certainly the self-adhesive sealant) can be mounted easily. At first, the surface that needs to be sealed must be evaluated. The subsurface must be clean and the PTFE joint sealant tape must be applied directly to the surface. The ends of the PTFE sealant must overlap and must be cut 2 cm from the intersection. After closing the seal, the bolts must be tightened symmetrically.

Tips for mounting

  • If the surface that needs to be sealed is damaged or unequal, sealing can be done by mounting an extra layer of PTFE joint sealant tape to the unequal part.
  • For thin flanges, we recommend mounting the sealant in a “s-shaped” to prevent unequal loads of the flanges. This especially applies for fragile flanges.

We are happy to advise you by the assembly of the PTFE sealant. Please contact our sales department!

PTFE sealant / Teflon ® sealant

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