Hoses for the offshore

Especially for the offshore

Ridderflex supplies hoses in many different types, lengths and diameters for the offshore industry. Our product range includes:

Bulk transfer hose
Bunkering hose
Chemical hose
Discharge hose
Fire rated hose

Floating hose
High pressure hose
Hydraulic hose
Marine hose
RIG Supply hose

Sea-water intake systems
STS hose (ship-to-ship)
Suction hose
Utility hose

Assembly and identification 

Hoses can be assembled in almost any length, diameter and type you require. If desired, hoses can be tagged for identification with (coloured) labels.

Reinspection of hoses 

Did you know that inspection and reinspection of hoses is mandatory according to the Dutch guideline NPR5527:2009? This applies to all hoses, including new hoses being placed in service. Tests must be performed by or on behalf of the user. Ridderflex supplies new hose assemblies increasingly with a pressure test report. We gladly assist you with the reinspection of your hoses.

Question? Enquiry?

We excel in the production of custom-made plastic, rubber and polyurethane products.

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Please note! Only Business-to-Business. For new customers we set a minimum order amount of € 1.000,00 ex. VAT and shipping.