Manhole gasket

Manhole seal: various materials 

We supply manhole gaskets in the following materials:

Our rubber manhole gaskets can be produced out of any desired rubber grade. The gaskets can be supplied in different shapes. Also in large dimensions. The manhole seals are suitable for various applications, such as the maritime and offshore industry. But also in heated water installations, dryers and hot air systems.

Flangiflon (PTFE)
The material of this gasket has a unique fiber structure. This provides both an exceptionally good chemical resistance and temperature resistance. The material is steam-resistant which makes these gaskets perfectly suitable for use in steam boilers. Our Flangiflon manhole seal is endless.

This gasket is made out of braided expanded pure graphite without binders and fillers. This gasket excels in applications with high temperatures(up to 450°C). The material also has a high chemical resistance. This gasket is also endless.

Our specialists are happy to advise you by choosing the proper material.

Manhole gasket

Digital cutting 

One of the most advanced machines is our digital cutting and milling machine (CNC). This digital cutting plotter enables us to cut your manhole gasket out of rubber sheeting material according to your drawing or model. Would you like to send us a digital drawing? No problem! The file formats *.dxf, *.dwg and *.stp can be imported into our digital cutting plotter. View the full list of file formats we can import into our machine.

Die cutting 

If you order large product quantities it might be interesting to die cut gaskets. And because we manufacture our own dies, we can produce large product series with short delivery times.

Manhole gasket

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