Graphite Sigraflex ® HD products

Graphite Sigraflex ® HD products

Ridderflex supplies universal graphite gaskets according to DIN, ASA and ANSI sizes. We can also produce the graphite gaskets according to your specifications. This can be based on a drawing or model.

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(Flange) gasket

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Graphite Sigraflex ® HD products

Properties of Sigraflex ® graphite


Sigraflex ® HD 

This graphite sheet is very good pressure resistant and has a high temperature resistance. The material is also non-sticking. These properties, along with the good chemical resistance, make the material perfectly suitable for application in steam systems in amongst others the process industry and the (petro)chemical industry.

Sigraflex ® Email

This material is specially developed for use in PTFE envelope gaskets. A PTFE envelope gasket is a composed gasket. It often consists of an envelope of PTFE with two inlays of graphite (Email), with a corrugated 316SS ring in between. The envelope gasket is mainly applied as a flange seal in applications where a high chemical resistance and high pressure resistance is required.

Graphite Sigraflex ® HD products

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