White rubber products

Products according to your specifications

At Ridderflex you can have parts or seals produced from food-grade white rubber according to your own specifications. This can easily be done on the basis of a drawing or model.

We supply the following products:

*We also supply these products with 1 or 2 inlays in the materials SBR and Neoprene. The inlays ensure that the material has a higher tensile and tear strength. Please notice! Products with inlays do not comply with Regulation EC 1935/2004 and are therefore not suitable as food contact materials.

** Cord including a certificate is not common, material on request.

White rubber products

Different materials

There are many different white rubber materials, each with its own special properties. They are explained in the table below.

SBR Has good mechanical properties and is wear resistant.
NBR (Nitrile) Is well-known for its good oil-resistance. This means that the mechanical properties remain intact, even with direct contact with oils and vegetable and animal fats.
EPDM Is aging resistant and can be exposed to ozone, UV radiation, steam and extreme weather conditions. EPDM retains its properties even with large temperature differences. The material is resistant to acids.
CR (Neoprene®) Has good mechanical properties and is resistant to heat. It has limited resistance to oil.
Viton Has a very good chemical resistance. This material has the highest resistance to hydrocarbons, acids and bases.
NR Good chemical resistance. Good resistance to acids, bases and salts.
White rubber products

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We excel in the production of custom-made plastic, rubber and polyurethane products.

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