Rubber moulded products

Rubber moulded products

We supply rubber moulded products as both small and large series of products. If desired and possible, we will supply a prototype of the new rubber moulded product to you in advance, so that it can be tested in practice first. Our rubber moulded products include:




Rubber moulded products

Rubber-to-metal bonded products

If desired and possible, we first produce a prototype of the new rubber-to-metal bonded product. In rubber-to-metal bonded products, the metal serves as reinforcement, support or fastening of the rubber-to-metal bonded product. The rubber-to-metal bonded products that Ridderflex supplies include:

  • anti-vibration mountings
  • spring bushes
  • fenders
  • shock absorbers
  • silent blocs
  • sliding sleeves
  • bronze slide bearings and 
  • bearing bushes.
Rubber moulded products

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We excel in the production of custom-made plastic, rubber and polyurethane products.

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