Cast polyamide (PA6G) sheave wheel

Properties of the material

We mainly use cast polyamide (a high grade polyamide) for large products, such as sheave wheels. This material is not extruded, but casted. This makes it harder, more wear resistant and size-fitted than PA6. A cast polyamide sheave has the following properties:

  • high strength under compression;
  • high wear resistance;
  • good resistance to lubricants;
  • high weather resistance and
  • tough, also at low temperatures.

Advantages of a cast polyamide (PA6G) sheave wheel

The use of a cast polyamide sheave has a number of advantages over the use of a steel sheave, such as: 

  • low modulus of elasticity: this leads to low surface pressure between the rope/cable and the roller. This extends the service life of the cables.
  • low weight: polyamide sheaves are around seven times lighter than steel sheaves. This eases the handling and assembly of the sheaves.
  • good damping properties: thus vibrations and running noises are reduced.

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