Rubber sleeve

Properties of a rubber sleeve 

The rubber sleeve is used between machine parts or installation parts. Use of a sleeve:

  • reduces the risk of damage to pipes and possible material fatigue;
  • reduces the transmission of noise and vibrations and
  • protects against dust, dirt and moisture.
Rubber sleeve

Different types 

We supply the rubber sleeve amongst others in the following types:

Straight sleeve Used as a dust cover for protection of machine parts and as a connection sleeve in air ducts.
Conical sleeve Used, amongst others, for connecting pipes or for the transition of a round to a rectangular cross-section.
Rubber sleeve

Different materials 

Sleeves can be made in many grades of rubber. The possibilities include:

Para rubber
Red Star®



The choice of material highly depends on the application area and the operating conditions. We supply the sleeves with clamping edges or with sealed clamps. We are happy to advise you on this.

Rubber sleeve

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