Plastic slide guide

Properties of our plastic guide profiles

Ridderflex manufactures your plastic guide profiles amongst others of HMPE or UHMWPE. This material is suitable for use in the food industry and has a few known properties: 

  • very wear resistant and impact resistant;
  • excellent sliding properties;
  • highly resistant against breakage (also at low temperatures) and
  • limited moisture absorption. 

Different types

We offer slide guide profiles in amongst others the following types: 

Chain guides for roller chains Standard guides. According to DIN 8187.
Chain guides for round link chains Standard guides. According to DIN 766 and DIN 764.
Belt guides Standard guides. According to DIN 766 and DIN 764.
Guides for transfer and transport For example H profile, slip-on rails for round steel bars, slip-on profiles for flat steel, rail profiles, curve guides etc. According to your specifications.


Are you looking for a different type? Please contact our sales department.

Plastic slide guide

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