Polyurethane lining for ship cradles

Lining: polyurethane protection

Ridderflex can cover your product, for example a ship cradle, with polyurethane. We can do this in different hardnesses and colours. A layer of polyurethane can be cast onto the steel surface of the cradle for protection. In this way steel-on-steel contact will be avoided and the risk of damage will be reduced. In addition, the load that needs to be transported will be stabilized.

Custom-made polyurethane protection for a ship cradle

Ridderflex casts custom-made polyurethane protection products such as support blocks. These blocks can be made to fit right in your ship cradle. Simply based on a drawing or model, in both small and large series of products. And in various hardnesses and colours. The block can be formed with a recess in which the rotor blade fits perfectly.

This polyurethane protection tool stabilizes the load that needs to be transported and reduces the risk of damage during transport. Our specialists will gladly advise you in choosing the right material. Please contact our sales department.

Polyurethane lining for ship cradles

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