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Rollers with huge dimensions coated with PU

Rollers with huge dimensions coated with PU

26 Steel rollers, 14 coated with polyurethane (PU) and 14 uncoated: all together a special order which we delivered this week.

Each roller has a length of more than one meter, an outside diameter of 16 inch and weighs up to 200 kg. They are used to lay subsea cables and piping systems.

The subsea application required a special treatment of the steel. We have provided all the steel rollers with an epoxy layer. This coating ensures seawater resistance. In addition, each roller is provided with chromed bushes to the shaft ends. The rollers were coated with an 1 inch thick polyurethane layer.

In addition to these completely assembled rollers, we also produced plastic bushes for the roller bearings. These bushes will be positioned on the chrome bushes on the shaft ends.

Besides covering and coating wheels and rollers we can also deliver complete finished products according to your specifications. Interested? Please contact our sales department!