Polargard® steel and canvas wearing sheet / lining product

Best hard-wearing sheeting material 

Polargard ® is a material with an extremely good wear-resistance. The product offers many extraordinary properties:

  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Can easily be attached to different surfaces
  • Non-sticking
  • Sound absorbing
  • Can easily be shaped to the surface to which it is attached
Polargard® steel and canvas wearing sheet / lining product

Applications of Polargard ®

Because of the extreme wear-resistance of the material, process interruption and valuable downtime can be prevented. Polargard ® can be applied as a lining product in vibrating hoppers, chutes, ducts and flumes, skirtboards and surge tanks.

Because of the unique material properties of the polyurethane, our own wearing plates are recommended for use in the handling of almost any abrasive material in the following industries:

Mining Copper ore, coal
Dredging industry Rocks, sand
Bulk systems  Grain, coal and ore
Recycling  Wood chips
Food industry* Grain, soybeans, salt*

* Only Polargard ® Canvas, our bondable wear plate, is a food grade product.

Polargard® steel and canvas wearing sheet / lining product

Polargard® products

Polargard ® is available in two types:

  • Canvas: this wearing sheet has a backing with an open structure. The backing bonds well to different surfaces, such as: steel, stainless steel, aluminium and wood.
  • Steel: this type has a perforated steel inlay (STG) or a stretch metal inlay (STS). Because of this inlay this sheet can be attached by bolting/screwing to different surfaces. Even on concrete and bricks.

By offering various sizes, thicknesses and hardnesses of the polyurethane, we can adapt the product to your needs.

Dimensions  1000 x 2000 mm
1250 x 2500 mm
Canvas also in 1200 x 2600 mm
Thicknesses 8 mm to 50 mm
Hardness in Shore A Standard 75 Shore A
Custom-made from 40 to 95 Shore A
Colours Various colours available.
(For the food industry white and FDA blue are recommended).
Polargard® steel and canvas wearing sheet / lining product

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