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Extruding: also for smaller batches

Extruding: also for smaller batches

Extruding products in smaller batches? Ridderflex can do it. We extrude with thermoplastic rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane.

Extruding TPE or TPU

We can extrude smaller series of products with TPE (thermoplastic rubber, like SEBS) and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). In many different types, hardnesses and dimensions. TPE is also available in the colours transparent and translucent.

TPE is easier to process than non-vulcanised rubber. Yet, it has similar mechanical and chemical properties to SBR rubber. Products made of this material have a high quality at relatively low production costs. This allows us to also offer smaller series of extruded products.

Our extruded products

Some examples of products that can be extruded by us are:

Extruding rubber profiles

Do you need extruded rubber or polyurethane profiles with specific requirements, like a hollow shape or a non-standard hardness? No problem, we make them custom-made for you. Also in smaller batches! Do you want to know more? Then take a look at our rubber profiles.