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Aegir consistent address for Ridderflex products

Aegir consistent address for Ridderflex products

The deepwater construction vessel (DCV) Aegir has just arrived in The Gulf of Mexico for its first official assignment. Aegir is the newest vessel of Heerema Marine Contractors. Ridderflex has supplied various products such as hoses, couplings, acrylic plates and various rubber and polyurethane parts for Aegir.

With a fleet already consisting of Balder, Hermod and Thialf , the DCV Aegir is added to the impressive range of vessels of Heerema. The name of Dutch offshore contractor Heerema has been the equivalent of the ultimate in heavy lifting. Aegir has, obviously, also been designed for heavy lifting with its 4000 tonnes capacity mast crane, on top of that it can lower loads into ultra-deepwater using a 2000 tonnes A&R winch. The deepwater construction vessel also has sufficient lifting capacity to install fixed platforms in relatively shallow water.

Ridderflex supplier for Heerema vessels for years

For many years now, Ridderflex has been a supplier for Heerema vessels. Ridderflex rubber gaskets and sealing products, hoses, clamps and couplings have been and continue to be applied in the trio of semisubmersibles Balder, Hermod and Thialf. For the last three years we also supplied various products for Aegir. The built of this deepwater construction vessel has been quite an achievement.