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Ridderflex parts in DanTysk offshore wind farm

Ridderflex parts in DanTysk offshore wind farm

In the last weekend of July a substation and jacket of 40 by 40 meters left the Strukton Hollandia yard in Krimpen aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. Destination: 70 kilometers west of the Island of Sylt, at the German-Danish border. The substation will form the heart of DanTysk, one of the largest offshore wind farms ever. Ridderflex supplied various parts for this mega-project.

Structon and Hollandia are responsible for both the engineering and manufacturing of the substation of the wind farm. With a total of 80 wind turbines, DanTysk will soon be able to provide up to 400,000 homes in Germany with green energy.

Ridderflex parts in the beating heart of Dantysk

The substation of Strukton Hollandia will form the beating heart of DanTysk. In the substation all energy, provided by the wind turbines, will be collected. Ridderflex supplied wear plates and sliding plates for the substation. But also our rubber gaskets and hatch cover gaskets were applied in DanTysk. And we have to admit: we are really proud of that.

At the moment wind farm DanTysk, that will be brought into operation in 2014, is still being built