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Plastic machining capacity extended with BT 1500

Plastic machining capacity extended with BT 1500

Good news: our capacity for plastic machining has been extended with a brand new milling machine! The Style BT 1500 nicely complements our machinery. Just like our BT 1500e and BT 600, this computer-controlled milling machine makes plastic products quickly and accurately.

Style BT1500 milling machine

Ridderflex already had a Style BT 1500 and a Style BT 600 milling machine. The arrival of the new BT 1500 provides considerable extra plastic machining capacity. The control of all our Style milling machines is the result of years of experience of the Style programmers and customers. The controls are fast, user-friendly and save time. (And of course we are also proud of our ‘style-ish’ machinery: three beautiful milling machines are lined up in a row in our factory).

Turning and milling: our specialism

Turning and milling plastics is a specialism that cannot be compared with turning and milling metals. Some plastics expand, others shrink under external factors such as temperature and humidity. Every plastic behaves differently. Nevertheless, Ridderflex guarantees a high level of accuracy in all turning and milling. Depending on the material, we can work to tolerances up to 0.05 mm. Over the years, Ridderflex has made plastic turning and milling into an art.

HMPE rotor

Extended capacity plastic machining

If you are looking for a reliable specialist for plastic machining, at Ridderflex you are at the right place. We can turn and mill all kinds of plastic. Ridderflex has extensive machinery with various lathes and milling machines. With our variety of machines, we can manufacture products with complex shapes. Every machine has its own specific possibilities. Besides conventional turning and milling, our CNC machines also enable us to carry out 2D (2.5D) and 3D milling. 

Are you looking for custom-made plastic products? Ridderflex is a specialist in plastic machining. Contact our sales department.