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Custom-made machine parts: you ask, we machine it

Custom-made machine parts: you ask, we machine it

Lately, there is a huge demand for our custom-made machine parts. Is it the time of the year? Or do companies know how to find us better than before? In any case: don’t look any further – you are in the right place if you are looking for new or replacement parts for machines or devices. Because Ridderflex has been the address for customised parts for almost 30 years.

A special question? - A Ridderflex answer!

Companies increasingly know who we are and where to find us, particularly for replacement parts for machines. Frequently asked questions are: 

  • ‘These parts are not standard. Can you supply them?' 
  • ‘These bushings last far too short. Can you deliver a bearing bush that lasts longer?‘
  • ‘We need sleeve bushings for an extremely dirty application. Can you supply bushings that do not need an extra lubricant?‘ 

We like to hear these questions, because we often have an answer: a custom-made machine part of a high-quality material. A product that is hard to get on the market; a genuine Ridderflex product.

Devlon sleeve bearing

Custom machined parts

The demand for our custom machined parts is very diverse. ‘From A to Z’ – from axles to wear strips. We machine it. Ridderflex excels in producing customised plastic, rubber or polyurethane parts.

A short overview of our product range:

High quality materials, quality products

Ridderflex looks beyond standard materials and products. We always go the extra mile. And that leads to high-quality products. Applying Nylon or POM plastics in machine parts in the right way can make all the difference. High-quality materials such as PTFE, PEEK and Vesconite make real quality products with a long service life. We are happy to advise you on applying the best solutions and help you match your different products to each other.

Do you also need high-quality, custom-made machine parts made of plastic or rubber? Contact us.