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Update solar boat: start production

Update solar boat: start production

Last week the TU Delft Solar Boat Team presented the design of the Solar Boat 2018. Ridderflex – golden partner of the team – helps develop and build this boat.

In the audience were TU Delft students and lecturers, invited guests and sponsors. The Solar Boat Team is proud of the hard work they have done over the past few months. And rightly so! The design was received very enthusiastically by the audience.

Now that the design of the Solar Boat 2018 is finished, the team starts with the production of the boat. This takes place at different locations. For example, students and sponsors are building together on the hull and mill the struts and hydrofoils. Various products are produced in the Dreamhall of TU Delft.

Race against the clock

There is a lot of time pressure on the production. The goal is to finish the Solar Boat halfway through March 2018. This is quite unusual for the TU Delft Solar Boat Team. But this year the first race takes place more than a month earlier than in previous years. It is quite a challenge to develop a better performing boat in a shorter time!

Ridderflex develops and builds on the boat

The first week of March 2018 the Solar Boat will come to one of our production facilities. Here the students will work in collaboration with Ridderflex on the framework for the energy box, seals for the deck and the solar panels and various door and hatch seals.