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Chevron set

The chevron set is a multi-part sealing set. This set is specially designed for up-and-down movements of plungers and axles. By adjusting the material, profile and number of parts, the seal can be perfectly matched to the application. Ridderflex produces the set custom-made.

The set always consists of a set of rings. We supply these in different materials:

  • PTFE (Teflon® virgin)
  • PTFE glass 15% or 25%
  • PTFE carbon or
  • PEEK

Because of the good chemical resistance of these materials, the sealing sets are mainly applied in the chemical industry and equipment industry.

Structure of the chevron set

Our standard set is composed in the following way:

Top ringPTFE or PTFE glass
Middle ringsPTFE
Bottom ringPTFE or PTFE glass

The number of middle rings of the set depends on the dimension of the stuffing box. The profile of the rings will also be adapted to the application. Special high-pressure sets, for example, are amongst the possibilities.

Our specialists will gladly assist you in choosing the right material. Please contact our sales department.

Application of the chevron set

By adjusting the material, profile and number of parts, the set can be perfectly matched to your application. The seal can, amongst others, be applied in:

  • Control valves and shutoff valves;
  • Plunger pumps;
  • Measurement and control equipment systems;
  • Agitators;
  • Hydraulic cylinders and
  • Rotating axles.

Sealing points of the chevron set are:

PlungersSlowly rotating shafts

Customised sealing set

Ridderflex produces your chevron set customised. We machine the top, middle and bottom rings according to your drawing or model. Would you like to make an enquiry? Please call +31 (0) 180 46 34 71 or mail to

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