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Ridderflex: A participant of TKI wind op zee

Ridderflex: A participant of TKI wind op zee

Ridderflex has been a TKI Wind op Zee participant since October 2016. TKI Wind op Zee is short for “Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation Offshore Wind”. This foundation stimulates, facilitates and realizes a.o. cooperation between companies, research institutions and the Dutch Government in offshore wind research, innovation and deployment and is part of the Dutch Topsector Policy.

The ambition of TKI Wind op Zee is: to reduce the cost for offshore wind projects by 40% in 2020, compared to 2010. Furthermore the organization aims to strengthen the economic activities in offshore wind in the Netherlands and to support the Dutch offshore wind sector to continue to lead internationally (Source: TKI Wind op Zee)

Ridderflex products for the wind industry

Ridderflex supplies rubber, plastic and polyurethane parts for the onshore and offshore wind industry. Building companies and installation companies of (components of) wind turbines are some of our customers. We supply amongst other products for:

  • use in and around wind turbines;
  • use in installation;
  • use in transport;
  • use in storage of components and
  • maintenance and repair.

Do you want to know what we can do for your organisation? Please contact us. 

More information about the wind industry soon online

We are currently developing a new section on our website specifically about our products for the wind industry. Follow our newsblog and keep yourself updated with our latest news about our activities for the wind energy industry.