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Polyurethane plugs and hang-offs for Rentel offshore wind farm

Polyurethane plugs and hang-offs for Rentel offshore wind farm

Recently, Ridderflex completed a nice project for GeoSea (part of the DEME Group): producing customised polyurethane hang-offs and plugs. Ridderflex was also involved in the finetuning and testing the products.

GeoSea won the EPCI contract (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) for Rentel: a brand new offshore wind farm in the Belgian North sea, approximately 40 km from the coast of Ostend. With a peak height of 183 meters and a rotordiameter of 142 meters, Rentel offshore wind farm will have the largest wind turbines in the Belgium North Sea. The wind farm will comprise 42 Siemens turbines with an individual peak capacity of 7,35 MW, producing nearly 309 MW at peak conditions. That is enough to provide about 300.000 families with electricity.

GeoSea specializes in the field of complex offshore and maritime engineering projects and is therefore the designated party for the design, delivery, transportation and installation of foundations and infield cables of the Rentel project.

Polyurethane hang-offs

Polyurethane plug

Our polyurethane plug is a conical plug that is used to lead a cable through the cable entry. The plug prevents damage to the cable as well as the cable entry. 

The polyurethane plugs were thoroughly tested in our laboratory. Thus we could check if the products are resistant to the required tensile forces and whether the products remain intact when leading them through the cable entry.

Polyurethane plugs

Polyurethane hang-off

Our polyurethane hang-off is a tool that is used on the transition piece to lead the cable through the cable entry. The hang-off prevents damage to the transition piece during these activities.

Custom-made products for the wind industry

As a polyurethane specialist, our strength is developing and producing polyurethane products for various applications for the offshore and the wind industry.

Are you wondering if we can produce your product in polyurethane? Our specialists are happy to inform you about the possibilities!