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Helwin Beta topsides with Ridderflex parts

Helwin Beta topsides with Ridderflex parts

Mid December the HelWin bèta topsides has left the fabrication hall of Heerema Zwijndrecht. The topsides reached the fabrication phase during which the transformer equipment will be installed outside. Ridderflex has supplied various products such as rubber gaskets, PTFE sheetingmaterial and hoses for the fire extinguisher system and the drinking water system for this part of the converter platform.

HFG (Heerema Fabrication Group) has been assigned in June 2012 for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction en Installation (EPCI) of the HelWin bèta platform, which includes topsides, jacket and bridge. The HelWin bèta topsides measures 98 meter in length, 42 meter in width and 28 meter in height. It is expected that the topsides will be ready for sail away to its offshore destination in the third quarter of 2014.

The converter platform is one of the main components of the TenneT CD offshore grid connection ‘HelWin2’. With a capacity of 690 MW it will connect a large wind farm cluster in the German area of the North Sea.

Ridderflex supplier for Heerema for years

For many years now, Ridderflex has been a supplier for Heerema. Our products have been and continue to be applied in the vessels Balder, Hermod, Thialf and Aegir, and now also in the HelWin bèta platform. The construction of this platform is a milestone for Heerema and we are proud to participate in this project.