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Ridderflex parts in Vester Voldgade bridge in Copenhagen

Ridderflex parts in Vester Voldgade bridge in Copenhagen

A new bicycle and pedestrian bridge was recently built over the canal at Vester Voldgade, in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. Commissioned by Hollandia Infra B.V. we have milled UHMWPE products for this special bridge.

These are certainly not straightforward products, but custom-made products with both a horizontal and a vertical radius. Again a challenging project!

The bridge at Vester Voldgade

The 160-meter-long bicycle and pedestrian bridge at Vester Voldgade is a real eye-catcher. In addition to the special design, the way of opening is also unique. The bridge opens and closes by means of two rotating parts, creating a shipping channel of approximately 35 meters wide between the bridge sections

Mobilis Danmark A/S was responsible for the substructure of the bridge. Hollandia Infra B.V. was responsible for the superstructure, operating mechanism and electrical and mechanical installations.

Vester Voldgade UHMPE onderdelen Ridderflex

Ridderflex custom-made PE parts

With the help of our 3D CAD/CAM program Fusion 360 we machine the most beautiful milling parts. Including these UHMWPE products for the bridge in Copenhagen. The products are part of the rotating sections of the bridge. Twelve UHMPE parts are mounted on each end of the bridge. They all differ in shape and size, the longest item is no less than 1300 mm. Each part has both a horizontal and a vertical radius. That made this assignment a challenging and nice project for our team.

Vester Voldgade UHMPE Ridderflex
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