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Wiper seal

A wiper seal, also called scraper, dirt wiper or excluder, protects cylinders against dust, dirt and moisture. This seal is applied in hydraulic systems. Ridderflex customises both single and double-acting wiper seals in different materials and profile shapes.

The function of a wiper seal (scraper)

A scraper is mounted in a hydraulic cylinder to scrape dust, dirt, moisture and other particles from the piston rod when it is retracted into the system. The seal therefore prevents damage to the rod, cylinder wall, seals and other components. Premature failure of the hydraulic system is also prevented by the scraper.

The wiper seal is the most undervalued seal in a hydraulic cylinder, despite its important function. The selection of the right profile shape and attention to the application area and operating conditions is extremely important. Do you want to know more? Please call +31 (0) 180 46 34 71 or mail to

Different materials

Scrapers can be produced in many materials. The possibilities include:

  • NBR
  • Viton® (FKM)
  • Polyurethane
  • PTFE (with additives)
  • PEEK (with additives)
  • Nylon ®

A scraper in combination with a rod seal

The combination of the rod seal and the scraper must be correct for the best sealing result. If an aggressive scraper is used with a less aggressive rod seal, leakage may occur. During the return stroke, the scraper can scrape away the microscopically thin layer of oil left behind in unevenness on the rod. This may cause leakage.

Customised scrapers

Ridderflex produces high-quality custom-made wiper seals. The choice of material and profile shape highly depends on the application area and operating conditions. We would be happy to advise you on this. Do you want to make an enquiry? Please call +31 (0) 180 46 34 71 or mail to


ISO including co-engineering

Ridderflex complies with international quality management requirements. We are now also certified for co-engineering – our strength – . Read more


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