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Graphite gasket

A graphite gasket is flame-retardant and has a high chemical resistance. The material is mainly applied in the (petro) chemical industry. We have a stock of various grades of graphite sheeting material and graphite foil. With our digital cutting machine, we cut the gasket sheet into universal or customised gaskets.

Graphite gaskets: universal sizes and custom-made

We produce both universal and custom-made graphite gaskets or parts. Universal gaskets are produced according to DIN, ASA and ANSI sizes. Your custom-made gaskets can be produced according to your drawing or model.

We supply the following products of graphite or graphite with a 316SS wire mesh insert:

Foil *
(Flange) gasket

*Foil is not available in graphite with a 316SS wire mesh insert.

Graphite gaskets in various materials

Graphite products can be supplied in various materials: standard graphite or graphite with a 316SS wire mesh insert. In the table below we explain the differences.

GraphiteThis material is flame-retardant, flexible and resistant to aging. It can endure large pressure differences. The gaskets can be applied if a high temperature resistance and chemical resistance is required. Therefore, these are mainly applied as (soft) flange seals in valves, pumps or degassing systems.
Graphite with a 316SS wire mesh insertThis type of gasket sheet has one or multiple layers 316SS wire mesh. Gaskets of this material have a high temperature resistance. They also have a good chemical resistance. These properties make the gaskets perfectly suitable for application in steam systems. For example in the process industry and the (petro)chemical industry.

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