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Flange gaskets

Our flange gaskets range varies from industry standards to complete customisation. We supply high-quality gaskets according to DIN, ASA and ANSI sizes. We also produce your gaskets completely custom-made.

Flange gaskets in various materials

We can produce a flange gasket in various materials. The standard gasket materials are rubber, non-asbestos sheeting and graphite sheeting. These materials are always in stock, so we can supply quickly and within the agreed delivery times.

We supply sealing gaskets, square and rectangular gaskets and strips in the following gasket materials:

Standard materials
Other materials
  • Cork/rubber
  • Oil paper
  • Felt
  • Cardboard

The other materials have their own specific properties. For example, a flange gasket of oil paper slightly swells under the influence of oil, which creates the sealing function. Cork rubber has a fine structure, which makes this gasket material particularly dens. If drenched in oil, a felt gasket has a double function: it is both a dust seal and provides lubrication of the underlying bearing.

Gaskets with a large diameter

Do you need a gasket with a large diameter? No problem for us. Our gaskets can be supplied in loose individual segments or ready made in one piece with diameters of dozens of meters. Are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact our sales department.

Universal and custom flange gaskets

Ridderflex supplies high-quality custom gaskets or according to DIN, ASA and ANSI sizes. This can be based on your drawing or model. We are happy to advise you about all the possibilities. Call +31 (0) 180 46 34 71 or send an e-mail to

  • Non-asbestos gasket

    Non-asbestos gasket

    Universal and custom-made (flange) gaskets of Ridderflex Universal ®, AFM 34 and AFM 30. View product range »

  • Graphite sheeting (high-pressure)

    Graphite sheeting (high-pressure)

    Universal and custom-made gaskets of graphite (with a 316SS wire mesh insert), Sigraflex® HD and Sigraflex® Email. View product range »

  • PTFE seal

    PTFE seal

    Universal and custom-made seals. PTFE envelope gaskets, PTFE steel lined gaskets and PTFE sealant. View product range »

  • Rubber seal

    Rubber seal

    Universal and custom-made seals and gaskets in any desired rubber material. A.o. o-ring, v-ring, sleeve, pressed ring and rectangular gasket. View product »

  • Rubber steel gasket

    Rubber steel gasket

    Different types. A.o. with internal o-ring, without internal o-ring and wedge shape. View product »

  • Flange insulation kit

    Flange insulation kit

    Flange insulation kit according to DIN and ANSI sizes. In different types. View product »


ISO including co-engineering

Ridderflex complies with international quality management requirements. We are now also certified for co-engineering – our strength – . Read more


Any questions about products or make an enquiry? Simply call us or send us an e-mail. +31 (0) 180 46 34 71