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Offshore and marine fenders

Are you looking for highquality fenders for the offshore and maritime industry? Then you’ve come to the right address. Ridderflex offers an extensive range of offshore and marine fenders, amongst others: D fender, delta fender, square fender and cylindrical fender. We mainly supply these in large sizes.

An offshore and marine fender absorbs impacts and is mainly applied to protect vessels and docks. The choice of material and shape is essential. If short delivery times are required, it is also possible to produce your fender in polyurethane (PU). Do you need more information? Please contact our sales department. 

Offshore and marine fenders: large sizes

Mainly fenders for use in the maritime and offshore industry have large dimensions. We supply them in different types, materials, hardnesses and sizes. We supply various standard types:

D fenderThe D fender is the most commonly used rubber bumper. The D fender has a flat back, which makes it easy to install on various surfaces. This can be done by means of bolts and/or strips in various manners: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Mounting holes are made through the top and bottom of the fender, or through the sides.

There are three different types of D fenders available:

  • With an inner chamber, D-shaped;
  • With an inner chamber, O-shaped;
  • Solid, without an inner chamber.
Delta fenderThe delta fender is easy to install and has a minimal contact surface. Mounting holes are made through the top and bottom of the fender. A properly mounted delta fender is able to absorb high levels of energy because of a relatively large inner chamber.
Cylindrical fenderCylindrical fenders absorb forces and loads very well. These marine fenders are simple to install. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally using chains or rods.
Square fenderA square fender is used when a more rigid and stronger bumper is required for use in heavy duty applications and the D fender does not comply.
Keyhole fenderA keyhole fender absorbs large forces. These marine fenders are usually mounted vertically with fixing pins through the two standard holes on the bow of a vessel or the wall of a quay. The keyhole fender can be produced with an UHMPE surface layer.
M fenderThe M fender has a wide and flexible contact surface. The M shape provides flexibility. Therefore, it can easily follow the contour of a bow or stern. The M fender is often installed vertically with the help of fixing pins through three standard openings.
W fenderThe W fender is used to absorb excessive shocks and impacts in extreme conditions. That is why this type of fender is used on the bow and stern of workboats such as pipe and cable laying vessels. This fender is often attached vertically with fixing pins through the two standard holes.

Offshore and marine fenders according to your specifications

We can produce any type of offshore and marine fender according to your specifications. This can be based on a drawing or model. In addition, the fender can be produced in the desired radius, so it can easily follow the contour of a bow or stern. Would you like to make an enquiry? Please call +31 (0) 180 46 34 71 or send us an e-mail.

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ISO including co-engineering

Ridderflex complies with international quality management requirements. We are now also certified for co-engineering – our strength – . Read more


Any questions about products or make an enquiry? Simply call us or send us an e-mail. +31 (0) 180 46 34 71