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Werkstoff S®: a plastic that excels

Werkstoff S®: a plastic that excels

Are you looking for a wear-resistant plastic with excellent sliding properties? Werkstoff S ® is the material you need! This plastic is widely used in the industry because of its special properties. Ridderflex supplies amongst others slide plates, slide strips, slide bearings, chain guides and slide profiles of this material.

Due to the excellent sliding properties, the material is often used in the power transmission and transport technology. But also for highly abrasion-sensitive applications, such as the lining of surge tanks, conveyors, chutes, ducts and flumes, the material is excellent applicable.

The special properties of werkstoff S ®

The material can be recognized by its green color and has several special properties:

  • excellent slide properties;
  • excellent high wear resistance;
  • high impact strength;
  • good resistance to chemicals;
  • electrically isolating;
  • excellent shock and impact absorbtion;
  • highly resistant against breakage (even at low temperatures);
  • limited moisture absorbtion and
  • suited for use in the food industry.

Various products

The products of this plastic that Ridderflex supplies include:

Products according to your specifications 

Ridderflex manufactures Werkstoff S ® parts and products according to your specifications. We supply sliding profiles according to DIN standard sizes or custom-made. This can be based on a drawing or model and both small and large series of products are possible.